Husniyah Being Shown at Resolution 2013 on January 18th @ Arts Court

This six minutue short film is going to be shown at Resolution 2013 @ Arts Courts Theatre on January 18th.
Going by what the press release email that I received.
Partusfilms and MSWGV have collaborated to make cinepoerty.
Here is the description.
Cinepoetry is the art of combining any flavor of poetry with any flavor of cinema.
Husniyah combines direct cinema; or observational documentary, with spoken word poetry to present one of the greatest dilemmas facing parents and artists alike.

The Poetry:

Just Jamaal is a page and stage poet from Ottawa, Canada.
His poetry represents a progressive blend of song, acting and dance to deliver a unique poetry experience for all audiences.
Jamaal is also the founder of Make Spoken Word Go Viral; a rising hub for all things poetic happening in our great country and a member of Missing Linx; one of Ottawa’s premiere hip hop assembles.

The Music:
Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra! She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello. Zoë has performed and recorded with a wide range of artists, including Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer, Tears for Fears and DJ Shadow.

The Video:
Partus Films is an arts heavy production company located in Ottawa Canada. Its mandate is cross disciplinary visual collaboration for those wanting a unique video presence on the web. Past cinepoetry includes: “Poetry in Motion”, by Brandon Wint and “Kay”, by the internationally renowned poet Ian Keteku.

Hope you will enjoy HUSNIYAH, a film that represents the ongoing union between poet and filmmaker, a partnership that is gaining momentum and giving birth to this new medium they call cinepoetry!

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