Love Is The Devil (A Repost on Anti-Valentine’s Day)

It’s here again this year.
Here is a repost from 2009- 2013 on “anti-Valentine’s Day“.
Huffington Post has lots of Anti-Valentine’s Day articles.
Check out Funniest Anti-Valentine’s Day cards
Love Is The Devil comes from a song by Dirty Beaches.
That is where I got this title from and yes love is a bitch! 😛

Quotes from people (More to come):
Sharif: Valentine’s day.. cheap chocolate, gas station flowers and daddy issues.
Matthew: I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. People are allowed to go out for dinner, buy gifts, and have sex when advertisers tell them to, and call that romance. Getting judgey about it doesn’t solve anything.

I’m being cynical, bitter and jaded.
I have a black heart!
It comes again every year.
It’s the day I just cringe.
I want to today to be “Anti-Valentine’s Day!”
Where couples show their public display affection of love/romance by giving heart shaped box of chocolates or roses or even sex.
I will go “bleech!!!” or puke.
It’s just another marketing plot for companies to sell lots of stuff.
Damn commercialization for a pointless holiday!
Blame Walmart and Hallmark!
Look at this photo! People doing last minute shopping!!

I miss the days where you were a kid and just gave out cards to one another.
Shoving a handful of cinnamon hearts down your mouth.
I don’t see those anymore.

I’m going ANTI-Valentine’s Day again.
Nothing is romantic on Feb 14th, like any other day only that one day people are going to have sex.
Probably after the sex will be the break-up.
Break-ups are horrible.

Here’s to being single!
Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day 2014!
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