What I Thought of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

I happened to go down to Toronto for the music festival NXNE.
So on a lovely hot sunny Friday, having alot of time on my hand.
I decided to hit up Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake.
The shop is located on 598 Bay St. (Corner of Dundas St. West)
Read mostly about this place from BlogTo and The Globe and Mail.
Getting there at 11:30am there was already a line-up.
While waiting in line I happened to chat up with this lady (Who happened to be Chinese) and talking about how the crazyness about the cheesecake.
She was there to buy the cheesecake and cupcake for her son.
While we “Chinese people” can be critical and cynical about these kind of things.
She was like it’s ok but not what it’s crack up to be but better to try it for the first time.
She mentioned when it opened up in March it was so crazy.
With the oven, they only decide to have two of the slots working.
I thought this isn’t a good way to do this with the hype it’s been getting.
With long line-ups there tends to get really angry people.
During my wait in line, a police man just enters the place asking why is this place so popular.
I felt that he has been living under a rock.
Then there was a barber shop beside it and one of the staff was getting really pissed off on how the line-up is blocking their business.
Who can blame them, if it’s been like that since March.
They are either doing a bad and good thing for something simple as a cheesecake made in a Japanese style.
While it was shocking to see how much butter is put into making them.
When waiting in line, the store does have free wi-fi for those really needing to pass the time.
But no power outlet in case your phone runs out of battery power.
It’s been told that the approximate waiting time to get them cheesecakes varies from 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours.
My experience came up to about 1 hour which I got out of waiting in-line at 12:30pm.
Not bad for myself or I was just lucky.
Considering this review is spent most of the complaining about the line-up.
Let’s get the cheesecake itself.
I decided to bring it back home to Ottawa so I can let my parents try it.(Ya I know it’s not as fresh when it’s out of the oven)
My dad liked it while my mom (being the typical Chinese person) that you can get it at T&T and didn’t need to wait in line.
It’s not like the usual cheesecake with it’s thick creamy sweet cheese cake.
More like a sponge cake that taste like cheesecake.
Not to get too racial/stereotypical to me it’s just a cheesecake made by Japanese people. (I hope they were?)
Any publicity is good publicity.
While the hype hasn’t died down on the lone Toronto location.
Just pray that they don’t crash and burn like a-la Krispy Kreme Donuts.
I say plan out your time accordingly.
It’s a decent Japanese (Using Canadian ingredients) cheesecake which I say it’s good to try out for the first time and brag about it.


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