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Day 3 of Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival (Races) [June 25, 2016]

Check out the photos from Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival 2016 on the third day.
Around 3-5pm I took photos of the races.
Hope you enjoy them.


Day 2 of Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival (Parade) [June 24, 2016]

Check out the photos from Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival 2016 on the second day.
Mostly from the parade and awards ceremony events.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not : Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours – Night Two [Random Photos]


If you aren’t aware, I Can’t Believe It’s Not is Ottawa finest acts where they take one album and cover it with care from top to bottom with a slew of local singers taking turns at the mic.
The album they performed was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours which was the #1 album in 1977.
If you want to check out the performance photos for night two, click here.

Here are random people shots from the event.

What is

ELLO everyone!
Looks like there is a new social media causing a frenzy.
Let’s hope it will catch on for awhile.

If you aren’t familiar with Ello.
Just think of the usual sites like Facebook and Twitter but with no ads (Let’s keep it that way!)
Not sure about the privacy concerns but you “could” put porn

So far it took me awhile to get a hang of things with their site.
The look is very minimal, user-friendly and nice looking design.

Copying and pasting their FAQ
Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.
We originally built Ello as a private social network. Over time, so many people wanted to join Ello that we built a public version of Ello for everyone to use.
Ello doesn’t sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties.
Virtually every other social network is run by advertisers. Behind the scenes they employ armies of ad salesmen and data miners to record every move you make. Data about you is then auctioned off to advertisers and data brokers. You’re the product that’s being bought and sold.
Collecting and selling your personal data, reading your posts to your friends, and mapping your social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical. Under the guise of offering a “free” service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy.
We also think ads are tacky, that they insult our intelligence and that we’re better without them.

Another social media we can use or just leave it collecting dust?
What will the future hold for ELLO?
Also I got some invites, if you want any please comment!

Brew Donkey Tour – July 27, 2014

Went to my first BrewDonkey tour.
If you don’t know what BrewDonkey is, they are a brewery tour operator, highlighting the Ottawa Valley and beyond.
This tour will feature a two breweries, a brewpub and an on bus education session on craft beer and the Ottawa beer scene. This tour will also feature an on bus guided game of Cards Against Humanity.
The breweries I went were:
Covered Bridge Brewing Company
Ashton Brewing Company
I definitely had a great time.

Click on the bottom photos taken from the tour.

NXNE 2014 – Red Carpet/Opening Party [June 18, 2014]

Went down to the Red Carpet and opening party for NXNE 2014.
This took place at the Edward Day Gallery.
Here are some of the photos from the red carpet part.

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6th Annual Chinatown Remixed [Photos]

The 6th annual Chinatown Remixed is a month-long art festival that kicks off with a day-long vernissage at various locations along Somerset Street West, between Bay and Preston Streets.
6th Annual Chinatown Remixed
6th Annual Chinatown Remixed
Click below for the photos that I took at this year’s event.

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