Study Session

It is 10am and Dan is late for his study session Meg.
Enters the coffee shoppe and gets his order of mint tea and a cookie from the cashier.
Walks up to the table and is all flustered.
Dan apologizes to Meg on his tardiness.
Meg was very unimpressed.
Both are cramming for a exam which is in two days.
As Meg is deep in her studies.
Dan takes his coat and unpacks his books from his bag.
Meg tells him to not bang his books so loud on the table.
Dan was sort of oblivious.
Then he takes a sip of his tea then munching on his cookie.
All of a sudden Meg is annoyed and tells Dan to stop munching so loudly.
Dan was abit puzzled and tried to chew quietly.
Then Dan starts to tap on his pen.
Then Meg was again frustrated and told him to stop tapping loudly on his pen.
So Dan stops doing it so he can please her.
Dan was trying to figure out this problem in his head.
So he is thinking in his head.
Then Meg tells him to stop thinking out loud in his head.
Dan is shock to her reaction.
So he tells her what is her problem and if she is being clairvoyant.
Also made a comment if her hormones are out of control.
Then Dan grabs his books, puts it in his bag and just walks out holding his coat.
Meg just shrugs and says sorry.

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