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10th Doctor’s Regeneration scene (SPOILERS)

David Tennant and Matt Smith in Doctor Who

Image by lisby1 via Flickr

For those that haven’t seen part 2 of Doctor Who’s “The End Of Time”.
Here is the final moments when he regenerates into a new form.
Sure bought a tear to my eye.
Overall it was an superb well written episode.
Have to say the last 15 minutes was just so heartbreaking and sad.
Won’t say much but it was must see TV moment.
It won’t be the same without David Tennant but I will still watch the new series when the new actor takes over being the Doctor.
Also its an end of the Russell T.Davies reign of writing and making of the revival of Doctor Who.
Reminded when I watched the first Doctor (ie 60s B&W version) and he had to say goodbye to the original companions Barbara and Ian.
Its like a fresh new start when the new series comes out on Spring 2010.
So what is your overall opinion of this episode and the new Doctor?
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Merry Christmas ’09

Wishing everyone who is reading this a Merry Christmas and and Happy New Year.

Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary

Forgot that today is the 40th season for Sesame Street.

Just watching it now and its different and watching it on HD.
I did see Michelle Obama’s segment on planting vegetables.
Ernie & Bert has their own segment called “Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures” and they are in CGI animation which I am kind of saddened since I like them as muppets.

With that I found the Google section which they have their logos with the Sesame Street characters.

My favorites are:

Here is a wonderful 40th Anniversary for a great children’s show.

T&T Opens in Ottawa

t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 027
It was mass hysteria in the Ottawa Chinese Community.
Why? It was the grand opening of T&T Supermarket. For those that don’t know its a large Asian supermarket chain. Mostly catering for the chinese/asian community that you can’t get in normal supermarkets.
I went with my mom and there were already people waiting in line just to get into this supermarket.
The supermarket is located on Hunt Club/Riverside.

I thought it was going to open at 9:30am but found out on the sign that it was a open ceremony and the actual doors opening was at 10:30am.
It was a cold day and people were kind of getting restless. I find it funny hearing the chinese people say a snarky comment in chinese which I understood IE its too cold out, we have to wait outside, what’s taking so long and etc.

There was a lion dance performance which I think took mostly the 1 hour.
t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 019

Finally the doors opened and it was basically insanity.
Felt like Boxing Day but mostly for Chinese people.
t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 035 t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 039

t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 040 t & t grand opening 2009-10-28 038
Thought it was funny that while the Lion Dance was happening and moving to the other side of the building, alot of people were bringing in the shopping cart.
Finally got in by just going under the red line.
No doubt that it was big.
I didn’t get what I wanted to buy considering the vast of people going crazy for they want to get.
The only things missing from the ones in Toronto is the assorted bean curds they have which I went back on Sunday and they finally have it now.

I noticed alot of media was: A Channel, CTV (CJOH) and CBC Ottawa.
Felt like everyone from the chinese community of Ottawa came for this grand opening.
Made me wonder if Somerset was a ghost town while all the chinese people went T&T crazy.
Alot of people are worried now that with T&T Somerset will lose alot of business.
But I can see hipster people who live on Somerset will shop at some of the stores but the Asian community who don’t live on Somerset won’t drive up to Somerset. With parking so hard to find and more people living in suburban areas.
Its a great supermarket.
Just the location where it is place kind of baffles me which is right near a aviation camp.
Wow for T&T

2009 Ottawa Zombie Walk (Photos)

Zombie Walk 2009004This year was another great day for the Ottawa Zombie Walk.
Right now my feet is killing me from the walking.
The turnout was good.
The only difference was the Ottawa Police was keeping an eye and try make things go smoothly well on the Zombie Walk.
Because last year there were some complaints and apparently some destruction in the Byward Market.
Seem to go off without a hitch.
It gets people together and just have fun.
The only thing that was missing was last year, someone was actually making a film before the Zombie Walk started.
I guess they didn’t do it this year. It would have made a great start for this.
I happened to take some photos of the people either smoking, taking photos or on their cellphones
Here are the photos:
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Club Saw: Cultural Equity Production fund

I am kind of thinking about doing this but I would need to purchase a video camera right?
Here is the details:

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Details Ottawa Zombie Walk 2009

Its this time of the month that people will be dressed up as zombies.
I went to my first one last year and it was a interesting thing to see.
I took alot of photos, maybe this year I will do the same.
Date: October 25th
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Where: Beechwood Cemetery
Click here for the Facebook event.
Here are photos from the 2008 Zombie Walk.

Zombies in Ottawa

Click here to see 2009 photos of the Zombie Walk

Ottawa Zombie Walk

Click here to see 2009 photos of the Zombie Walk

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