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Polaroids from Herd Mag’s 1 Year Anniversary Party

Herd Mag celebrated their 1 year anniversary as Ottawa’s free arts and culture magazine.
The party took place at Gabba Hey! and it was definitely a fun time!
Check out the Polaroids that I took.

Steph of Herd Mag having fun at the party!

Steph of Herd Mag having fun at the party!

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Photos from Picturama! 2013 [November Edition]


The crowds for Picturama! 2013

After being away for three years.
Picturama! makes a comeback in the Ottawa scene.
This time the event took place at Fall Down Gallery.
For those that couldn’t submit or make it, the next installment will be in January.
Click below for the photos.

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Photos from Creative Mornings Ottawa @ Ottawa Rowing Club

Creative Mornings Ottawa celebrated their one year anniversary on May 31st.
So with that it took place at Ottawa Rowing Club.
Mimosas was flowing and Lunch provided the food.
The speaker was Andrew Reeves who is a architecture and runs a company called Linebox Studios.
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Photos from Ravenswing Arts + Music Fair 2013

7th Annual Ravenswing Arts + Music Fair took place at Minto Park on May 26th.
The fair features crafts, zines, live music, free skill-sharing workshops & food!
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Photos from Ottawa Festival Launch 2013

May 23rd was Ottawa Festival‘s Event launch for the beginning of the festival season in Ottawa.
It was also the start of the countdown for Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017.
This was a great event to start out this year’s festival season.
Hosted by CTV’s Vanessa Lee.
Mayor Jim Watson was on hand to talk about Ottawa’s festival scene and also give out the top 5 finalists for the “Ottawa Festivals Volunteer of the Year Award”.
Here are the photos from the event.
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Photos from Chinatown Remixed 2013

Chinatown Remixed 2013 just took placed on May 18th.
This was their fifth instalment and things couldn’t get any better with the weather and turnout.
All the details on this post.
Chinatown Remixed 2013
Rae Spoon photos on here.
But here are the photos from the event.

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Get Ready for Chinatown Remixed on May 18, 2013

Chinatown Remixed is back with a big bang this year.
Taking place on May 18th.
Chinatown Remixed is a celebration of the arts and multi-culturalism in Ottawa’s Chinatown.
Walk through Chinatown and discover art shows, performances and much more on the opening day (May 18th).
Also this year there will be a night show taking place at the parking lot of Shanghai Restaurant.
Highlights of the 2013 festival:

  • A life-sized textile sculpture of China Doll, Chinatown’s resident drag performer. Created by fibre artists Justy Dennis and Jasmine Vesque;
  • Charcoal drawings by artist Samuel Jan at Panda Vacations; the thenwedieatron,
  • A bicycle-powered inflatable sculpture by artist Natali Leduc and Matthew Gorgol; and The Machine Project
  • A video installation by Christine Mockett presented at Tang Coin Laundry.
  • Plus many more

Musical performance acts include transgendered indie electronic musician Rae Spoon and Ottawa experimental dance band SILKKEN LAUMANN,
For more info click here.
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