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Fun times at PROMdemonium 5! [Short Review]

I definitely had a fun time at PROMdemonium 5 on April 21, 2012.
Still can’t believe it is their 5th year going on with this.
If you don’t know, PROMdemonium is a radical, community-oriented, gender-bending, bike-loving, enviro-humping, queer-diggin, slow dancing, big dress wearing prom that you never had!
The prom took place at the Panorama Room at the National Arts Centre.
This was my second time attending this event but I was asked to photograph the event.
I will admit to this that I never went to my prom because I wasn’t into it and didn’t really bother when I was in highschool.
Somehow I kind of regretted but it is not a big deal.

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Photos from the 2011 Promdemonium

Here are the photos that I took at 2011 Promdemonium on April 9, 2011.
As mentioned before, I wish I could have stayed longer.
But taking photos of what people wore and having a fun time.

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Instax photos from Promdemonium

Here are three Instax shots I took at Promdemonium on April 9, 2011.
Thanks to Travis Boisvenue for that upclose washout shot of myself and a waste of film too :P.

Five photos from Promdemonium

Went to my first Promdemonium on April 9, 2011.
Considering I never went to my prom when I was in high school.
Heard alot of good things about this.
I missed last year which was held at St.Brigid’s Church.
I didn’t get to stay longer tonight.
But I took alot of photos during the 90 minutes of having fun there.
Here are five shots I have taken, more to come.
More like a sneak peek on what to see.

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