Untitled Story II

It was December 31, 1989 and it was New Year’s Eve.
Faye was getting ready for her first New Year’s Eve party with her friends from high school.
This was her first time going to a party since her typical Chinese parents forbid her in going despite being 16.
This being a holidays, her parent let her go but with a chaperone which was her brother James.
James was three years older than her. He was allow to do what he wants.
He was like the “Golden Dragon Boy” of the family.
It was noon, Faye’s mom made a big lunch since they whole family will be busy later tonight. Faye was in her room deciding what to wear for the party. Good thing she bought some clothes a few days because the stores weren’t opened on New Year’s Eve.
Jenny who is Faye’s younger sister came in and was helping her out. She was 7 years old.
All of sudden Danny who is fraternal twins with Jenny, came in and was being a bratty little brother.
Both Faye and Jenny were trying get him out.
They were going to tell their father or join his brother in playing the Nintendo.
Danny said “Dad’s not here, he went to pick up 婆婆 (Grandmother in Chinese) and 公公 (Grandfather in Chinese).
Faye said “If not they will break Danny’s most precious toys.”
So he left in a grumpy mood.
Faye said “Man when will he learn? He’s going to be a delinquent version of James.”
Jenny said “Who care! Let’s talk about the party.
Will you get to see your Prince charming?”
Faye said “Ya right you’ve been watching too much cartoons. I am going to have a fun time.”
Let’s practice on some dancing.
Faye turns on the radio on the AM setting.
The music that was playing was a song by New Kids On The Block.
Faye and Jenny did some practicing dancing.
Danny pops back in the room and says “New Kids suck!”
Both yell to get out and runs away.
Faye decides to lock the door.
Jenny said “I wish I can go but I am too young.”
Faye said “You will when you get to my age, at least you get to spend time with 婆婆 & 公公.
Jenny said “Yeah more like being babysat”.
Faye said “Well they only come to Ottawa once a year from Hong Kong and I would want to see them and what they got for us.”
All of sudden noises were coming from downstairs.
Their father came back with the grandparents.
Everyone came out and greeted them.
Danny comes screaming down to the grandparents.
Danny gives a big hug to 婆婆 & 公公.
Both say “How much he has grown” in Chinese.
婆婆 & 公公 gave James, Jenny, Danny and Faye 利事 (Red envelope with money in it).
As a early Chinese New Year present since they are only in Ottawa for a few days.
They are said thank you.
James runs back in his bedroom.
婆婆 ask “Where is your mom?”
Danny said “She is in the kitchen”.
婆婆 heads into the kitchen where the mom is cooking.
婆婆 goes “Ai ya, you’re doing it all wrong”.
Mom is cooking duck and I guess she didn’t put enough sauce and seasoning on it.
Mom ask 婆婆 to check if the rice, vegetables and fish are cooked well.
Faye is glancing in the kitchen and she can tell there is hostility from mom with her.
婆婆 and are from dad’s side of the family.
Faye guesses that it happens in most families when they don’t get allow with the in-laws.
Danny and Jenny are spending time with 公公 in living room.
公公 is giving gifts to both them as a late Christmas present.
Both received the latest toys that came out in Hong Kong.
While James is in his room doing god knows what.
Father is putting their luggage into the guest room.
James comes out the bedroom and yells at me saying that I have a phone call.
Faye goes into her bedroom and picks up the phone.
It’s her best friend Laura.
Laura called about the party happening tonight.
Talking about what they are going to wear and what they think is going to happen at the party.
Faye’s dad knocks on the door saying food is ready.
So Faye told Laura to meet at 8pm at the party.
So she hangs up and goes down to the kitchen.
Everyone is all seated.
There was assorted dishes on the table.
From fried duck, vegetables, fish, BBQ pork, soup and rice.
Before everyone ate, the family did some Chinese family tradition.
Then it was insanity.
Danny and Jenny were like bickering on who gets the big piece and doing their “twin codes”.
James is like picking whatever and being a pig.
婆婆 is putting more soy sauce on the fish.
While mom said that is enough.
Dad and 公公 was oblivious to what was going on.
婆婆 ask James that it is his last year in highschool.
Asked to what universities he applied.

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