Untitled Story

YOU’RE FIRED! Those are the two words Dan dreaded to hear.
He just worked at this company for less than a year.
Things weren’t going well due to the economy so they had to downsize its staff.
Fired isn’t the right word, more like “laid off”.
As things couldn’t get any worse for Dan.
Once he started packing up his things in the box.
He bent down and there was a rip sound coming from the back of his pants.
Very embarrassing and couldn’t find an extra pair of pants.
As he did the walk of shame out and hearing the giggles of his co-workers.
He walked out the building and all of a sudden it start pouring rain and didn’t bring an umbrella.
The bus just passes by him and he has to wait another 30 minutes.
Standing in the rain and all wet.
Dan is thinking what he do wrong in his life.
All of a sudden a big truck drives speeds on the road and runs over a big puddle splashing all over Dan.
Drops his box and flips the bird at the truck.
After waiting out in the rain, the bus finally arrives.
Dan shows off his pass to a cranky bus driver.
The whole bus was filled with people.
But there was one empty seat and had to sit beside a elderly gentleman.
Shuffling through his pockets, he reaches out his cell and noticed a voice message.
The voice message was his girlfriend Kelly who just told him they are over.
Basically he just got dumped via voice message.
Dan just puts his head down.
Then the elderly gentleman ask him if he just had a bad day?
Dan said “You can sort of say that but I feel much worst will happen later in the day”.

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